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Luxurious apartments in Zakopane

Would you like to visit Zakopane or its vicinity in the near future? Do you want to have a special holiday? Luxury Apartments Zakopane is an accommodation offer in the center of Zakopane or Kościelisko, which provides guests with a comfortable stay. The facilities have a picturesque view of the Tatra peaks, which is simply breathtaking. The apartment buildings have a SPA zone with a swimming pool and saunas: dry and steam. Moreover, they have lounges with a fireplace, which will surely enchant guests with a combination of modern and traditional Zakopane style. The other rooms are also well-equipped, with all necessary appliances, such as: fridge, dishwasher, stove, kettle, etc. Each facility has a parking space. These are exclusive apartments, and Zakopane is a great location that allows you to relax in the beautiful surroundings of the beautiful Tatra nature. Modern and comfortable apartments in Zakopane will make your stay more pleasant. Choose a combination: VIP and Zakopane apartments . Book your dream accommodation for yourself!