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The company VisitZakopane.pl executes the project "Implementation of the plan for the development of exports by the company VisitZakopane.pl Bartłomiej Prus." Funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the sub-6.1 Innovative Economy Operational Programme - Passport to Export.

Within the framework of the subsidized project the company plans to expand the target audience website that offers accommodations in Zakopane. The project is implemented through the search and selection of partners in target markets and consultancy  on the conception of the entrepreneurs image  in selected target markets. 10 websites related to the website  www.visitzakopane.pl will be elaborated. It will be translated into 10 languages and adapted to the country and its cultural patterns.
The promotional campaign, search and selection of partners are directed to inhabitants of the following 10 countries:

• Germany
• United Kingdom
• France
• Russia
• Italy
• Spain
• Slovakia
• Czech Republic
• Hungary

The main goal of the project is to develop the company VisitZakopane.pl through exports, and also increasing competitiveness.

The project is implemented from the 1st September 2010 to 31 of August 2012.

The full functionality of the service will be available from September 2012. Till then, both language versions of the parties and their substantive content, will be constantly improved.

Informations on the ongoing project can be obtained from:
Bartłomiej Prus, email Bartlomiej.Prus (at) VisitZakopane.pl, tel 692 282 313
Important links:
• Official website of the European Union http://europa.eu/index_pl.htm
• Site dedicated OP IG www.poig.gov.pl
• Managing Authority - Ministry of Regional Development (MRR) www.mrr.gov.pl
• Intermediate - Ministry of Economy (MG) www.mg.gov.pl

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